Address TS-NY4F-F3UR-WGQ3-7KAE6
ID 5922534125314144333
Name SignaTMGLiquidityPool2
Description 1) Implements a liquidity pool (constant product formula). 2) Includes measures to protect traders from sandwich attack: bots that monitor transactions to manipulate prices by changing transactions order. 3) Liquity providers receive liquitidy tokens (lpToken) to redeem the balance later. 4) Holders of lpTokens receive payments from trades fees.
Creator TS-ZV35-X84L-F72N-EQFEB
Creation Block 447137
Version 3
Activation 0.42 TSIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0031 per TSIGNA)
Code Hash ID 1598886481806565943
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